Watch At The Wedding: The Groom Can!

Everyone knows that the bride is the center of attention on her wedding day, but the groom cannot be left behind, and today there are many attractions and products for men on a long-awaited day. And men are also increasingly concerned and paying attention to their style and appearance.

There is no right or wrong when dressing up, so any type of accessory or clothing style is valid, but you need to know how to combine the following details so that everything is more harmonious. Therefore, even the groom can use the wristwatch based on essential tips that will make you choose the right one and create a great complement to your look!

The starting point can be a little nerve-racking as there are many types of watches, and it’s not easy to match every clothing style. But pay attention to the steps we will take in this post and see how everything will get easier.

Informal Style

Informal weddings also have a more significant number of adepts: scenarios such as the beach or a farm, where the groom can even wear shorts, sandals, and a shirt, combined with watch models with colored leather straps or that present some detail with a color more vibrant, an example is the stitching of the bracelet.

An important detail, if your location is the beach, pay attention to the model; even for a short exposure time, the salt air can harm your watch. In these cases, rubberized models or suitable for these places are ideal.

Sports Style

Here, the styles get mixed up a little, as there can be a mix of clothes and accessories. Therefore, the sporting style is also a little informal. On this occasion, the chosen attire can be casual, without a tie or wearing the shirt untucked, but without dispensing with the suit.

The chosen model must follow this middle ground between the informal and the more classic. The watch like the new Rolex watches (นาฬิกา โร เล็ก ซ์ รุ่น ใหม่ which is the term in Thai) may have a case with some colorful details, but nothing too flashy, and the hands also have different details.