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Tips To Decorate Your Small Room

14 Ideas for Small Bedroom Decor | HGTV's Decorating & Design Blog | HGTV

For this, you need to follow some tips and tricks that help when decorating a small room. The result will be an organized room, with good use of space, that doesn’t feel like a cramped place and, above all, with a decoration that suits you.

  1. Choose Light Colors

For architects, light colors help to give a feeling of spaciousness, as opposed to dark colors. “However, this does not mean that the environment should be monochromatic, that is, without prominent elements. One solution is to make the colors and tones stronger for some furniture and objects, such as pillows, sculptures, and paintings, or even choose a wall to receive the accent color”, they explain when organizing a small bedroom with lots of stuff (จัด ห้อง นอน ขนาด เล็ก ของ เยอะ which is the term in Thai).

  1. Bring Colored Objects Into The Environment

So, if you’ve opted for more neutral colors on the walls and furniture, then it’s good to be bold in the colors of the objects: they will bring more life to space, leaving it with a more striking decoration.

  1. But Don’t Abuse The Number Of Decorative Items

However, it is essential to keep in mind that “less is more” when choosing decorative objects. So, whenever possible, choose not to put too many items in the room, as it can cause “visual pollution” in the space and still leave you with a feeling of a cramped place and without much comfort. In this case, choose to put necessary objects on the headboard, few pictures on the walls, and try not to pile up too many things next to each other.

  1. If Possible, Choose Custom Furniture

Even though planned furniture is a little more expensive, in some cases, they are an investment that will allow you to take full advantage of the room, ensuring an extremely comfortable result. With them, even the corners and walls are used in the best way to store objects.