The Process of Storing Wine Bottles

How to Store Wine at Home the Right Way

Wines kept under poor conditions wear away swiftly. A regular wine, not a strengthened one, be it white or red, once opened should be consumed soon, as it swiftly sheds flavor and aroma, as well as falls flat because of oxidation, i.e., direct exposure to oxygen.

Gewurztraminer is more prone to oxidation and heat than the reds as they have more tannin. On the other hand, fortified wines such as wonderful sherries and tawny ports can last a number of weeks. Preserving wine before and after opening up can be a bit complicated.

Placement it right: Maintain the bottle far from solid light, else it will wither prior to time. Idea: If not feasible to keep the container at night, cover it in a cloth. Wine cellar [ห้อง เก็บ ไวน์, which is the term ion Thai] in corrugated boxes or wood crates works ideal. This shields them from direct light and damage. Wine bottles with a wood cork must be saved horizontally to make certain that the cork continues to be damp, it avoids the cork from crumbling and letting air seep into the bottle, which would cause oxidation. Wines with screw caps as well as artificial corks may be kept in either case, vertically or horizontally. Know this: While most wines take advantage of being saved horizontally, sparkling wine, as well as champagne age better when they are kept upright.

Store wines at a consistent and great temperature preferably between 10-15 degrees Celsius, to negate any type of damage caused by weather conditions. Know this: Gewurztraminer, as well as champagnes, need a lower temperature than the reds.

The kitchen is the most awful location for keeping a glass of wine, the wide changes in temperature level make the wine lose aroma and flavor. Stay clear of exceptionally cool temperatures. This triggers the formation of wine crystals or tartrates. You may save the wine in the coolest component of the house or in the vegetable section of the fridge, which is relatively less chilly.

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