Shipping Your Military POV for Assignments – Some Things to Know

Military personnel normally get the Permanent Change of Station (PCS) order, and when they get this order, they have to pack and leave for their new destination. Apart from the shipment of your belongings, you need to think about the best way of handling the transportation of your automobiles. This is the time when you should think about hiring an automobile shipment service.

If you are a military person and are planning to make a move to your new station, then you should find the best shipment service for the easy relocation of your automobiles. Ship a Car, Inc. is the most preferred option when it comes to looking for “ship my car military service”. Visit their webpage to know more.

Shipment within the US

Military shipment will not get any kind of reimbursement when it is within any particular continent. If you feel like you need any help in the shipment of your military vehicle, then it is suggested to take the help of the Department of Defense to get your shipment amount reimbursed.

Many shipment services offer some kind of discount during the transportation of the military vehicles and you can expect a cut down of almost $35 to $100 in the final bill.

Driving Your Military Vehicle

Some, who do not prefer or have the required budget for the shipment of their vehicles, go with the idea of driving their vehicle from the source to the destination address. When you consider this option, you need to think about many factors such as hotel costs for the overnight stay, gas, road trip charges, food charges, and so on.

If you think that you cannot afford the shipment of your military car, then you need to think about the overall charges that you need to bear while driving your automobile from the source to the destination.

Shipping outside the US

The military office will decide how your vehicle will be shipped to your new address located anywhere outside the US. They will handle the complete work of the shipment of the required automobile to your new address including how the vehicle is and on what day the vehicle will reach your doorstep.

The civilian-military employees are provided with the facility of choosing the way their vehicle will be shipped to their new destination. These employees will even get to enjoy the facility of reimbursement, even after choosing the mode of transition on their own.

Coast Guards and Shipping Military Vehicles

When compared to the services that are available for the active-duty military personnel, the facilities that are available for the coast guards are comparatively different in the case of reimbursement options.

A coast guard can get reimbursement for the shipment of their vehicle when they fulfill some of the conditions and are listed below.

  • The coast guard has some dependents
  • The members of the family of the coast guards will find the shipment service on their own.
  • The family has more than one military vehicle.

If you do not fit any of these above-mentioned conditions, even though you are a military coast guard, then you will be required to pay for the shipment from your pocket. However, you can learn about the available discounts in this case by visiting the concerned websites.