Security Boot: What You Should Know About Them

The Safety Boot is an EPI item to protect workers’ feet against impacts, thermal damage, moisture, and chemical products. Its material is reinforced, offering safety against falling objects. In thermal environments, it prevents the feet from getting too hot or cold; in humid environments, they prevent them from getting wet.

The Safety Boot like safety shoes steel toe (รองเท้า หัว เหล็ก which is the term in Thai) has a medium shaft, shorter than the PVC boot, and can be made with laces or elastic.

PVC Boot

The PVC boot is a safety shoe generally used in work environments that pose a slight risk. Popularly known as the rubber boot, it has a long barrel for more extensive leg protection. Also ideal for environments where there is the possibility of contact with water, as it is made to keep your feet dry.

This protection against water, for example, is essential because we know that it is not comfortable to work all day with a wet foot; besides being uncomfortable, it can be harmful to the health of the feet and the body.

Safety Shoe

The Safety Shoe is a PPE similar to the Safety Boot, offering a similar level of protection but with a slightly different aesthetic. It has a variety of lace or elastic. It is a safety shoe that offers protection against impacts, thermal variations, humidity, and chemical products. It has a low shaft and offers a more casual appearance to the worker.

There are also Safety Boots and Safety Shoes, fulfilling foot protection functions and bringing more safety to the worker.

Check below the main benefits offered to the worker who uses safety shoes:

  • Protection against impacts caused by falling objects;
  • Protection against the thermal variation of the environment;
  • Protection against sharp and sharp objects;
  • Protection against electrical current and possible shocks;
  • Protection against moisture, preventing feet from getting wet;
  • Protection against contact with chemical products, avoiding contamination and burns.

The use of safety shoes in the work environment is a very big benefit for workers. But the worker must keep the shoes clean, presentable, and with their materials in good condition. Taking good care of this type of item makes its proper life increase. However, you must also pay attention to the expiration date. Overall, the wearing time of safety shoes is approximately 6 months. Be sure to consult your supplier.

If there is any problem with the footwear, such as holes, wear, and tear, the worker must inform his employer to take the necessary measures.

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