Reason Why A Car Can Be Towed: Due To Illegal Parking

A vehicle owner does not always have his car towed away voluntarily. A towing process using a services of tow truck can also be initiated by the public order office or a property owner if a car is parked illegally. Below we provide you with an overview of some cases in which your vehicle may be towed:

Parking in a private parking lot

Exceeding the maximum parking time

Parking in front of property entrances or driveways for fire brigade and ambulance

Parking in the no parking or stopping zone

Parking other road users in the second row

Parking in places where you obstruct other road users, for example, on the sidewalk, if a corresponding traffic sign does not expressly permit this

In all of these cases, your vehicle can be towed without warning. You then have to bear the costs of the towing company yourself. In addition, you can be charged a fine or a contractual penalty in private parking spaces. Which is better: tow rope or tow bar?

Both are allowed, but the tow bar is recommended. Your advantage is obvious: it keeps the distance between the vehicle’s constant. With the engine switched off, the breakdown vehicle does not have the support of the brake booster. Rear-end collisions with the towing vehicle are unfortunately common – a bar prevents this. It also ensures greater directional stability and thus better control over the breakdown vehicle. The only disadvantage: Tow bars cost more than tow ropes. In addition to the lower price, the rope naturally has the advantage of being much easier to carry in the car. It should be noted that the rope is marked with a small flag and must not be longer than 5 meters. When towing with the rope, the person being towed must ensure by maintaining the most significant possible distance. Click here to read more (อ่านต่อ which is the term in Thai)