Pros and Cons of Choosing DIY Divorce in Wisconsin

Choosing the DIY route for your divorce is a viable option. A DIY divorce is nowadays relatively common in the US for a number of reasons. It often starts with one party filing for divorce, either by themselves or with the help of an attorney. DIY divorces may be uncontested (meaning that both parties agree to their terms and have no legal disputes) or contested (meaning that one party disagrees with the other over custody, property division, spousal support, etc.).

However, before deciding upon anything it is advisable to research your state’s laws pertaining to DIY divorces. Taking legal assistance from a divorce attorney Wisconsin is definitely going to help you make fewer errors in the process of DIY divorce.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of DIY divorce:

Pros of DIY Divorce

  • Cost-efficient

It is generally cheaper to file for a divorce on your own when compared to hiring an attorney. However, you may need to hire a process server or a private investigator to serve your spouse with papers if they are difficult to find or avoid the court. In this case, you will be spending some extra money, but it will still be less than what an attorney would charge you.

  • Faster

Since you will be handling everything on your own, it won’t require a lot of time to get your divorce processed in case you and your spouse are in agreement with the terms of the divorce. If there are any disputes regarding property division or child custody you may need to take more time for the divorce to process. In case of uncontested divorces, you can get a decree of divorce within a few weeks.

Cons of DIY Divorce

  • You may miss out on certain options

Perhaps this is the most important disadvantage because you may miss out on certain adjustments that you have to make as a result of choosing a DIY divorce. For example, it is advisable that you take full advantage of the financial procedures that are available in your state. Perhaps you will have less control over child support and spousal support payments.

  • Higher chances of making errors

In most cases, you will have to handle some of the probate proceedings yourself. This could be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the nature of your divorce. Most people prefer to file for divorce before the court issues an order in probate which is a document that states the terms for declaring bankruptcy in case the property division and child custody is not well-documented.