Photo Cards Conveniences That Make Them Tick With Millenials

No one can agree less with Andy Williams 1963 Christmas classic hit title, ‘it is the most wonderful time of the year.’ The festive season is a special occasion when all your friends and family unite to share the joy of Christmas, including your dearest ones who are distant. The exciting part about Christmas is that love is just one of the things you will celebrate during the season. Who does not look forward to the thought of dashing downstairs to find the largely wrapped gifts surrounding the elegantly standing pine needle Christmas tree? Besides the traditional festive season expectations, you can make this year’s Christmas special with uniquely-designed Christmas photo cards 2021 from Mixbook. Whether the photos are shots from previous holidays or your memories about the whole year, the cards will evoke fond memories that might fill your loved ones’ hearts with joy years after they receive the photo cards.

What is the convenience of a photo card?

The Millenials are a vital component in helping photo cards stay relevant. Though sending and receiving Christmas cards is not a preserve of a specific generation, you are likely to think of sending your loved ones a card when you achieve a milestone like getting your first child or getting married- landmark characteristics common with the Millenials. Additionally, the generation tends to incline and draw itself to personal stuff like tangible photos and handwriting, unlike the baby boomers’ telegram. Thus, several things make Christmas photo cards convenient. For instance,  

  •         A Christmas photo card is one way of telling your dearest and nearest that you are in contact. It is more personal than sending the season’s greetings through social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, mail or text messaging. The Millennials prefer sending photo cards because they think it is like mirroring the old in their new generation.
  •         Christmas cards allow you to express your originality, reminding your loved ones that you care with a personalized greeting. The current generation looks at the tactile experience as a unique degree of personalization they cannot replicate on various forms of social media, including WhatsApp. Unlike the photo cards, all your current uploads on Facebook will bury your previous posts, forcing you to log into the site to access the gift card. Additionally, social media will not grant you the impulse of owning a treasure box where you will be unlocking every Christmas to check out past gift cards and other gems you will treasure for a long time.
  •         Though social media might help you get in touch with your family and friends, sometimes a far-flung message from your distant loved one that does not need looking at your phone is what you need to connect uniquely to someone. You will feel more connected in a spellbinding transitory connection that only you can define.     

Though the current generation does not like using paper as the previous generations, it has to be special when they do. Unlike the traditional Christmas card with Baby Jesus in a manger sandwiched by the season’s greetings, you will most likely find yourself sending your dearest small cards with customized season’s greetings in your handwriting.

Everyone feels an ephemeral connection at certain points of the year- a connection you would wish to last to make the moments meaningful. Download Mixbook and get to share the fun this festive season.