Learn More About Japan Food And Drink Before Visiting The Country

Japan is not just known for its awesome views and mysterious tourist spots, but Japanese people know how to eat good food and drink some strong beverages. Most people associate sticky rice with Japan food but that it pretty vast. There are so many other food items, which you will get the best quality in Japan. So, make sure to learn more about those food items beforehand, so that you can try those out later. Just create a checklist of japan food and drink and then try out all the major ones when you visit the country anytime of the year you want.

Under the food section:

When it comes to food section, Japanese people are great suckers of rice. It will always remain the top notch level of the food chain. However, rice is not the only food option you will receive. You have some of the other food items that you might want to give a try whenever you are in Japan. Those options are sushi and tempura, if you like the fishy flavors. Then you have tofu, soba and udon as some of the other options that you might want to try out as well. Lastly, you have ramen and yakitori as some of the other options to focus at.

Under the beverage section:

Now Japanese people are known to add a drink to their food chain. So, why not learn about that beverage as well? All the Japanese restaurants will serve complimentary green tea with their meals. If that is too weak for you to address, you can try going for the alcoholic section, which is sake. This beverage is made out of rice and can be served either cold or hot, whichever one you like. Sake goes really well with most of the Japanese cuisines.