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How to stop rain gutters from clogging?

There is a need to clean gutters every few months which is a very dangerous, frustrating and miserable job. Gutters have an important function to protect the house from damage due to overflowing rain water and usually they get clogged with debris in a matter of time and it is a very dangerous job to climb ladders and clean them again and again. Here the solution comes in the form of Gutter guards Huntsville AL

How it works?

It is a layer of protection added to gutters to stop them from getting clogged by leaves and all other debris so that it is not necessary to clean them regularly. They come in a variety of types and each of them has their unique way of working. 

Options available

There are a variety of guards that are available some of them are:

Brush guards – It a type of guard having bristles like a brush, hence the name. It resembles a long bottle cleaner and its bristles allow the leaves to settle on it resulting clean gutters. They are easy to install but if it is needed to clean them they need to be taken out completely.

Foam guards – It is like sponge or foam that is installed in gutters and the debris rests over it not inside the gutters. It might create fire hazards in dry seasons and take a lot of effort to clean. 

Screen guards – These are screens placed over gutters with holes over it to drain out water. These are mostly installed professionally and the water flows through the holes easily.

Mesh guards – It is a type of micro mesh with holes visible to naked eyes, placed on top of gutters. It is made up of steel and has a long time.