How to pass marijuana weed test

Everything you need to know about marijuana weed test

The positive results of drugs test can make the situation complicated. Especially, when you’re hoping to get work. Because in the process of joining in company the employer asks employees to submit the drug test. and in this situation question arrives in the mind that how to pass a marijuana drug test?

Drugs remains in the body for several days. The duration of time drugs stays in the body or continues to stay and show in drug test depends on several factors. Which are,

-How much a person smoke

-how often they drug

-in what quantity person consumes the drug

-the sensitivity of drug test

It also, depends on type of the drugs a person consumes, if someone consumes drugs such as alcohol it disappears from body in few hours. But in the case of weed lingers they stay for long time in body. 

Here are some answers for how to pass a marijuana drug test

Methods of passing drug test

If you need to pass the drug test that target metabolites in the body such as a saliva drug test, blood test, or urine test. Then it’s important to follow the steps for increasing the chances of passing the drug test. 

detox drinks

Detox drinks follow same techniques as a water. Detox drinks take the guesswork out of reducing metabolization level in your urine for examination. 

After drinking entire bottle of detox drink, you’ll probably have to pee soon. That means detox drink is working to flush your system. And allowing to test negative for weed and another drug test

Weed detox kit

Detox kits are weak program that includes detox medications, beverages, and dietary fibres. All this helps to removed tetrahydrocannabinol from body. With the growing age metabolism slows, and then it takes more time to detox the body. In this detox kit can be very useful for passing the drug test.

Wash yourself

The simple strategy to pass urine test is to increase your fluid flow so a that the connection of drugs gets dilute in the sample below the threshold of detection.  While you wash with a lot of water you may also take a large dose of vitamin B2. The aim of consuming this is to colour your urine yellow. If urine is not yellow, that means its water urine, it makes some collectors suspicious. 


The urine dilution is useful, this is not perfectly reliable specially, for someone consumes high drugs in daily basis. Also tempering is risky to use, since subjects may be observed or made to disrobe, and cheating isn’t forgiven.


Some of the ways mentioned above for how to pass a marijuana drug test? Though, there are numerous methods to pass the drug test some are little time consuming and some are little costly, detox yourself with the option which suits you for passing the marijuana weed test. And if there is short period of time to detox for drug test, above there is some basic tips are mentioned that can be useful to you.