How To google rezensionlöschen In The Best Way

5 Ways To Respond to Google Reviews – Both Negative and PositiveNegative reviews can be devastating for any business, but even more so for smaller operations that rely heavily on word-of-mouth to bring in new customers. While there is no way to prevent negative reviews from appearing, you can take measures to help reduce their appearance and make sure those that do appear are only the positive ones. Here’s how to google rezension löschen properly.


Monitor Google Reviews Constantly


If you hope to keep negative reviews off your Google page, you must be diligent in monitoring your reviews. Keeping an eye on reviews means that you can prevent fake reviews from being posted in the first place and stop reviews that are inappropriate from staying on your page.


To monitor reviews, you’ll need to check your Google page often, but you should also regularly check your third-party review sites. Monitoring all the various review sites regularly, along with Google reviews, increases your chances of finding any negative reviews and being able to get them removed quickly.


Ask for Authentic Reviews


Negative reviews happen, and you can’t always prevent them. But when they do happen, you must do everything in your power to get them deleted from public view. One of the best ways to do this is to ask for authentic reviews from satisfied customers.


You might want to consider setting up a Google My Business “Send a review to a friend” prompt on your website. You can also ask customers to leave you reviews on third-party review sites. Make sure to be polite and not pushy when doing this, though. You don’t want to be perceived as trying to strong-arm your customers into leaving reviews for you.


Respond to Bad Reviews Immediately


If there’s one thing that all businesses have in common, it’s that they receive negative reviews at some point. The key is not letting those reviews stay on the page and potentially drag your company’s overall rating down.


As soon as you notice a negative review on Google, respond to it. If it’s appropriate, also respond to it on the third-party review site on which it was posted. By responding to the reviewer, you are showing the public that you take customer feedback seriously and that you care about the quality of service you provide.


Send Out Review Response Emails


Lastly, if you receive a particularly bad review and feel that responding to it on the Google page won’t work, try sending a review response email. This is a great option for dealing with negative reviewers who may not be reasonable and may not respond well to being publicly challenged.


Review response emails can be sent from your company email address, and they don’t necessarily have to include the review that the customer left. Instead, they can be a general response thanking the customer for their business and outlining the steps that you take to make sure that all customers receive quality service.


If the review was legitimate, this approach can help get it removed from your page, whereas responding directly to the review might simply result in what looks like a childish argument between customer and business owner.