How To Get Your Weed Delivery Winnipeg Without A Trooper

When you think of the word ‘pot’, images of cannibals and ski masks usually come to mind. But for many people who are interested in growing their cannabis, these images are a distant memory. Now, with the legalization of pot in many Canadian cities and states, getting your hands on some is easier than you think. 


If you live in or near Winnipeg, Manitoba, you are in luck. The city has more compassion than the rest of Canada and the United States combined when it comes to marijuana. If you follow the guidelines, you can pick up your weed delivery without a police roadblock, red tape, or even an actual stoner cop on duty at your doorstep. 


This article will explain everything you need to know about getting your weed delivery in Winnipeg without a stodgy bureaucrat from Health Canada showing up at your front door in uniform.


How To Find A Delivery Service In Winnipeg


Looking for a weed delivery winnipeg? Check out our list of the top delivery services Downtown. We’ve got recommendations for places to go for everything from food delivery to weed deliveries. Here are a few tips to help you get your order in the mail: 


– Pick a reliable delivery service. We recommend BlueBuds, but you can try out any of the top dozen or so providers in Winnipeg. 


– Be picky. Some delivery services only deliver to the neighborhood where they are located, so make sure you order from a reliable source. 


– Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Make sure the person who delivers your order is qualified and has your best interest at heart. 


– Don’t be shy. Ask for recommendations from friends who have ordered from these services in the past. 


– Remember, you don’t have to pay for your order in cash. Some delivery services will deliver weed for free, or for a small fee if you just show up without any money. 


– Don’t be afraid to ask for a reference. We recommend asking for a referral from someone who has used your delivery service before. This will help you get a feel for their reputational score and make sure they aren’t just selling you stolen goods. 


– Remember to check your junk mail and spam email too. We get a lot of spam, and if you don’t recognize the emails as being from Pharmacy First, we might get sued. 


Pros Of Getting Your Weed Delivery In Winnipeg


No cop at the door – If you follow the above steps, you won’t even have to set foot in Winnipeg’s charming, yet intimidating, Remedial Clinic to pick up your marijuana. Yes, you read that right. Two clinics sell weed as a medicinal service in Winnipeg. 


The first, at Remedial Clinic, is a government-operated clinic that can issue you a medical cannabis identification card if you are diagnosed with an illness. The second, at Winnipeg Medical Clinic, is run by private individuals who sell you cannabis on a ‘bulk order’ basis. Both of these clinics require a doctor’s note to issue a medical cannabis identification card.