How To Find The Best Immortal Server For Minecraft

Minecraft is a popular game that’s enjoyed by players of all ages. It’s also extremely popular among server hosts looking to gain some extra online reputation points. This article will be going over some of the best ways you can find a server that’s a good fit for you and your players.

Your first impression might be the most important, so make sure you and your players are happy with the server you choose. Read on to learn more!

What Is An Immortal Server?


An immortal server is a server that’s designed to stay online for years on end. This kind of server is great for players who are looking for a long-term, online experience. For instance, someone who wants to spend years playing Minecraft on an immortal server would benefit from a server that’s set up to be resilient to players leaving and returning.

An immortal server has safeguards in place to help prevent abuse and ensure that players stay on topic.

Why Do People Choose An Immortal Server?


People who prefer an immortal server also tend to prefer a more social play experience. This is because the more interactions you have with other players, the easier it is to connect with other players and have fun!

Some players also like the fact that an immortal server doesn’t allow you to start a server and then come back to it years later and say “this was a bad idea!”

There are a few different reasons people might choose to use an immortal server, whether it’s for personal use or for hosting a competition.

Be Careful Of Residual Ads


An immortal server doesn’t come with a free lunch, so to speak. What you end up with is a lot of maintenance. You’ll likely want to hire staff to help keep your server running, especially if you’re managing a large server.

You’ll also likely want to purchase server upgrades to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Server Selection


When deciding which server to play on, decide which kind of player you are. Some players may enjoy gentle, calming servers while others may want a server that’s all about having a good time.

If you’re new to the game and don’t know the difference, just assume that the people you’re playing with will be the same type of players that you are.

If you’re unsure of the type of player you are, you can always try playing on an immortal server with a more experienced player.

What To Look For In A Server


Your first impression of a server will be determined by a few things:

– The host

– The game mode

– The amount of content available

– The uptime of the server

– The reliability of the server.



Minecraft is an incredible game that’s easy to learn but difficult to master. The more players who join forces to play the game, the more fun it can be! The best way to find a server that’s a good fit for you and your players is to ask. You can also check out our server database to see which servers are available.

Once you’ve found a server that you like, be sure to message the owner to arrange a meetup.

Remember: every server has a different crowd so it’s important to experiment with different types of players to see what works best for you.