Houston Rose Bouquet

When you talk about Roses, a lot comes to mind, class, elegance, love and it’s a timeless choice when sending flowers in Houston. They come in a different colors from, romantic reds to cheerful yellows and pure whites. Roses have over 150 species that come in different colors and fragrances. Dispute all the species of rose are beautiful but it doesn’t fit into all occasions some color of rose mean different things, but for easy classification, roses can be divided into 3, wild rose, old rose and modern rose. But the most widely used rose is the modern rose. But the most stand out of all roses is the red rose as its beauty is a distinguishing feature which is why people have always used it as an Ornamental plant for so many decades now. This rose comes on different bouquets and Arrangements which in turn determines what event they should be used for and the prizing.

Old Garden Roses

Just as the name sounds, the old Garden Roses also known as an heirloom and antique roses are roses that existed around 1800 classified as any variety that existed before the late 19th century. This old guy comes with very strong, heavenly aromas and is also known for its size, which is larger and fuller than the conventional rose we know. They mostly used for vintage Weddings and because it is mostly grown in shrubs makes it not to be available all year round which in turn affects its price. Unlike others, the old Garden Roses come in limited colors like white, cream, peach, and yellow, purple, and pink. They can be delivered through out Houston just like Houston flower delivery sunflowers.

Modern Garden Roses

Modern Garden Roses are one of the most common Houston rose bouquet today and came into the limelight after 1867. It doesn’t have seasonal disparity like the old Garden Roses which is just for a season. The modern Garden roses floral industry has created a demand for roses that can be grown in large quantities and are more versatile than old garden roses. Reductively, these types of roses are made by combining the pollen from two rose varieties to form a hybrid rose with characteristics from both of the parent roses. As stated before the old roses are grown in shrubs while modern Garden roses are often grown in greenhouses, providing florists with year-round supplies.

Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid tea roses are the most popular type of modern garden roses. They are the standard rose that you can find at flower shops, grocery stores, and basic plant nurseries. Hybrid tea roses are grown in a huge range of colors, which is why they’re frequently used as wedding roses. Along with pastels, you’ll find these types of roses in red, burgundy, and unique two-tone color varieties. Their characteristics are that hybrid tea roses are more compact, have fewer petals than and less fragrance, so you may need a higher quantity for them to make an impact in your wedding flower arrangements.

Sweetheart Roses

This smallish-looking rose is easier to incorporate into floral arrangements, boutonnieres, corsages, flower girl bouquets, wedding hair accessories, and comes in different colors like yellow, red, orange, and white. Despite being smaller than the average rose, sweetheart roses are considered a specialty flower, which could mean a higher cost for you in the long run.

Spray Roses

Spray roses are another smallish-looking rose even smaller than other modern roses. But have a major distinguishing feature which is its clusters of flowers per stem or branch. There are mostly found in flower shop in Houston TX. This gives them a wilder, garden-inspired appearance compared to modern long-stem roses. Spray roses look great as accents in arrangements with other flowers, such as hydrangeas and greenery.