Getting the best value for your gold coins

If you have gold coins that you bought or you received as a gift or an inheritance now might be the right time to think about selling. You’ve often seen them, the guys who can’t wait to give you money for your gold bullion, coins and jewellery and you may have wondered what is in it for them.

People have been investing in gold for eons. They buy actual physical gold formed into bars and have it stored in some bank or vault. Savvy investors know there is nothing more valuable than gold. Markets can crash and the world might be on the brink of collapse, but gold remains true and valuable. The earth does not have an infinite supply of gold. In fact, gold mining as an industry has not been growing fast enough to meet the demand for gold which is why prices are where they are.

Gold coins have a peculiar edge over other precious metals and investment vehicles. They are a real commodity with an inherent, tangible and intrinsic value. Gold coins are the next thing to have in times of financial crisis because you can sell them to get that much needed cash. Before you sell, you need to investigate all the options that are available to you and only sell your coins to a reputable buyer. There are a lot of buyers who will try to take advantage of you if you have no idea what your gold coins are worth. With proper research and preparation you can make informed choices.

When it comes to the gold price and value aren’t the same thing. The value of your coin depends on a couple of factors like the condition of your coins, the mintmark and when the coins were made. Unlike other gold items that gold dealers Brisbane accept, the value of gold can also be linked to the coins rarity and desirability not just the weight or gold quantity. Price is what you would expect based on gold quantity, it’s weight and the daily spot price. You stand to gain more when you look for buyers who will pay you for the value of the gold and not just the gold quantity. These are people with a particular interest in the coin itself and not so much on the gold quantity.

You will have to dig deep to find out the value of your particular coins. Once you have worked out the value you can then start looking for the ideal person to sell your coins to. Here are some options you may want to consider:

Local coin dealers

There are genuine gold dealers who specialise in gold coins. For them, the bulk of their business lies in buying and selling gold coins. They are more likely to buy your coins for more reasons than just the gold.

Coin shows

Coin shows are great for finding out information about your own coins and networking with coin collectors and dealers. If you have rare coins you can attract some serious attention from collectors willing to pay top dollar for your gold.


eBay has been a popular marketplace for coin dealers. Selling your coins on eBay may sound like an easy thing, but it might take some time to get the kind of buyer you want. The other downside is the high seller fees that come with using the platform. You also have to handle your own shipping and insurance when the sale has been made. It might end up being too much trouble.

Gold Dealers

Find a gold dealers Brisbane with experience in handling gold coins. These buyers can do more than offer spot prices for your gold coins. Some buyers are part of networks consisting of gold dealers and collectors. They sometimes look out for special coins on request and if you walk in with just the coin that everyone has been looking for then they could offer you a good price. Find a gold buyer who will offer you more than just the melt value.