Geeley Cars – Gotta Acquire One?

I pointed out inside a related article the first batch of Chinese built cars to become imported towards the U.S. is just a couple of years away. For the reason that article, I discussed Chery Automobiles and just how the organization has its own designs around the American market, especially in the basic level category. Well, now another manufacturer – Geeley Automotive Company – can also be thinking about getting a minumum of one model towards the U.S. by 2008. Changes have been in the wind, but lest you believe Detroit is the only person quivering don’t be misled: Japan’s automakers and Korea’s automakers all must take serious notice of what’s about to take place.

For several, the U.S. automobile market is easily the most lucrative one on the planet. It’s also the biggest using more than 17 million new vehicles offered yearly. All automakers realize that for those who have a bit of the American market, you’ve got a bit of big profits as lengthy as what you’re selling is exactly what consumers want [Ford and GM, take serious notice].

China automakers sense that Americans want inexpensive vehicles. With Korean cars improving dramatically in quality with the prices remaining really low there’s room for additional cars within the sub $20,000 category. Because it stands now, both Geeley and Chery have a lot of mixers suit you perfectly together with a couple of which will likely retail for well under $10K! Chalk up to very low wages and economical components, even reduced than Hyundai, Toyota, and Honda can establish at this.

Quality is for certain to become another factor, however, if the Chinese automakers emulate Hyundai – initially noted for selling cheaply built and cheaply made cars when first imported towards the US in 1986 – this are only a brief phenomenon.

Obviously, getting each Chinese model to pass through stringent U.S. safety and pollution control needs will require time…and cash. Still, should Geeley and Chery overcome these obstacles American roads may contain cars bearing several Chinese name plates.