FTX Earn: What is it?

In your FTX app, you may now earn yield on both your crypto purchases and deposits and your fiat balances! You can earn up to 8% APY on your staked assets if you want to participate in and take your supported assets in your ftx 거래소 account.

How do you calculate APY? Does my balance increase every day?

Annual Percentage Yield is referred to as APY. This rate includes any compounded interest and represents the return on an investment over a year. FTX will deposit your investment portfolio, which is kept in your FTX App, with hourly yield profits from the staked coins. The yield you have already earned and the principal will both be compounded. Any cryptocurrencies you have added to your account.

What types of assets may I hold onto in my FTX App account to generate yield?

You may make money with the FTX App with any cryptocurrency or cash! You may start earning on the FTX App right immediately by making a deposit from your bank, another wallet, an exchange, or your bank account!

My principal — is it locked? Can I take my principle out at any time?

If your deposit is fully withdrawn able in any other case, you are allowed to withdraw both your principle and yield payments at any time. Any assets bought with early credit have the potential to be staked and generate yield, which starts accruing at the time of deposit. When the entire deposit may be withdrawn, your yield will become available.

For its consumers, FTX offers services.

Projected yield via staking is referred to as APY. These yields vary depending on the terms of any relevant staking programs, is not guaranteed, and is not interest. In order to verify that the value is correctly sent to and received by the program, FTX communicates value from your account to the staking software. Your customer balance is not an insured bank account. Only FTX clients could be qualified to take part in the yield program. Customers that are qualified and choose to participate in the program will have their assets exploited to produce a fixed yield for the user

How can I create a recurring purchase?

When you are approved to trade on the FTX App, go to “Invest” and choose the coin you want to buy on a regular basis. Click “Set up Recurring Buy” by tapping the wallet for the coin such as the Bitcoin wallet. If you currently own this currency in the app or have previously owned it, choose the coin and touch “Set up Recurring Buy” after tapping “Wallet.” Enter the specifics of your transaction. Choose the frequency that best suits you: daily, weekly, every two weeks, or monthly. Determine the quantity and source of your purchase. You can use whatever fiat money you have in your account, however the default is your USD Wallet..