Different Types Of Wristwatch And Its Functions

This accessory can help you with many everyday tasks! The wristwatch can have many more functions besides showing you the time.


The wristwatch with the stopwatch is fantastic for those who play sports or work with a function that needs to measure the time done for each activity! This function is more common in digital watches, but it has some options with ultra-fast hands.

Weather Forecast

And have you ever thought about knowing if it’s going to rain or be too hot with the help of your wristwatch? Some models come with this function too, which is excellent for those who usually program themselves before leaving home!

Another advantage of having a watch with the weather forecast is always having protection when traveling because then it’s easier to know if you’re bringing umbrellas or sunscreen!


Besides, who said that a wristwatch Rolex GMT master couldn’t also show the ambient temperature? It has excellent models with this function, which shows up to three different pieces of information on the display: time, maximum and minimum temperature!

This model is ideal for those who live or travel to places with temperatures that rise and fall too! That way, you’ll know if you can leave safely.


Look, water-resistant wristwatches are a little different from waterproof models. In other words, the resistant type can be a little wet, like in a bath, but it’s not suitable for diving in the pool, you know? So, when choosing yours, keep an eye on that detail.

With Two Time Zones

For those who travel a lot of work in different places globally, the wristwatch with two time zones is very practical, right? This model has on display the time of two different cities or countries at the same time.

And if you have friends or family living elsewhere, for example, it can also help you know when to talk to these people.