Best place in Japan to visit in summers

The arrival of the summers also marks the arrival of vacations and festivities in Japan. It is one of the most favored countries and travel destinations for summers because of these reasons. However, as geographically gifted a country Japan is, there is more that it can offer to the tourists visiting during this time of the year. Summer in Japan opens the gates to clean skies and lifts all sorts of barriers to access. This is why it is considered a time when most of Japan can be discovered from hills to coasts. Here are some of the best destinations in Japan to go for during the summers.

The Kagoshima Prefecture

This place has a beach on the eastern coast known as the Yurikehama. The specialty of this place is that it only appears when it is one hour before the time of low tide and one hour afterward as well. It is also special because if one attempts to grab the sand at this place, they will be able to catch the special star-shaped grains known as “Hoshisuna”. There is lore about these grains, that if one holds as many grains as their age, they are going to find real happiness in life.

The Yamaguchi Prefecture

This one is located in the Shimonoseki region and the island only has a population near nine hundred people. Its specialty is the beaches of sandy white color meeting the seas of emerald green. This gives way to great tourist attractions. The maximum of tourists come around from the Kansai as well as the Shikoku regions.

The Aomori Prefecture

The stretch of the region between the Aomori and Akita prefectures has even been listed in the list of world heritage sites of UNESCO. It has a region named Junico that has lakes surrounded by beach trees, there the pond water is of cobalt blue color and has a relaxing therapeutic effect on the visitors.