An overview of the Privnote

Have you ever been afraid of sending messages to your friends or family or anyone in that matter? When you press send to the message does the fear of it being read by third party seeps in? Yes, malicious hackers are smart and possess technical knowledge but the technology itself is smarter. As per these hacking culture increases in the same way the technology is evolving itself. Well, it’s time for you to rest your worries and use privnote. 

What is Privnote?

привнот is a service provided by the means of Ikatu- an organization making it possible to deliver evolving technological integration solutions. Privnote is an internet provider that lets you send self-destructing notes over the Internet. You can use it to ship exclusive notes that, when read, self-destruct. Privnote is free to apply. 

Thanks to the developing legions of cybercriminals who’re continuously seeking to scouse borrow our non-public data, we’re all turning into a great deal more conscious about cybersecurity. Privnote is simple to use. It’s a comfortable internet site in which you may create notes to ship to others. There’s no registration required to access the features of the website, and you can create notes in seconds.

How does privnote function?

Unlike other messaging platforms, you need not download any apps or make any installations when it comes to Privnote. You just need to go to the website and create your message or note. Once your note or message is created, Privnote will provide you with a link.

You can proportion this link in an e-mail or personal message, and ship it to the person you want to examine the message to. As quickly as that individual clicks the link, they see the note, and the hyperlink is destroyed — meaning no person (no longer even the person you sent it to) can study it a second time. After 30-days, all unread notes are robotically destroyed.

What kind of data can be sent via privnote?

Привнотis a beneficial provider to send passwords, passcodes, or different exclusive data to others in a relaxed fashion. There may be no manner to get the message back if in case a Privnote user loses the link.

Privnote isn’t always logging the IP addresses. IP addresses are deleted as quickly as they’re not wanted for the motive of the note creation and hyperlink creation. The creator of the note can introduce personal statistics or data into the message without the worry of it being saved in privnote or read by a third party. Even though this information is encrypted, the records can be decrypted again but only by the recipient .hence constituting personal data and statistics in messages has now become safer. The decryption of the observe’s statistics is within the customers’ arms (sender and recipient). Privnote is not capable of decrypting the message and notes and does not save the message or hyperlink to its logs(non-public or otherwise). The note or message that has been created will not be read by the third party because of the hyperlinking and self-destructing feature. Also since Privnote is in no way in ownership of the decryption key that is in the hyperlink itself, there is no way privnote saves the message.