Advantages of Underarm Laser Hair Removal

You may have heard of underarm laser treatment or permanent hair removal. People sometimes refer to laser treatment as permanent hair removal, well, it is a half-truth. The reason behind this is that armpit hair removal can be a permanent one if you do not have any other medical issues. It has many advantages, which include reducing the problems of bad smell from your underarm. Underarm Laser Hair Removal [กํา จัด ขน รักแร้, which is the term in Thai] can affect deep into the cell layer, thus reduces the chance of sweating. This further reduces the accumulation of bacteria that is responsible for body odor and makes your underarm look white, clearer and feel feathery smooth.

Preparations before the treatment

Though most of the work is carried on by your doctor, you need to prepare for certain things before your session. You need to limit or completely stop waxing, electrolysis or plucking, about one month before the treatment. The reason being the laser, which targets the hair roots that are removed by waxing or using a razor temporarily. Make sure that you clean and scrub your armpit before going for the session and avoid sun exposure as sun exposure may cause more sweat which may help in developing more bacteria under your arms. On the day of treatment, you may also have to trim the hair or shave it, which depends on your doctor, as many doctors do that to ensure proper results.

What to avoid

There are certain behaviors that you do which you should not be doing. On a regular basis, you might be doing stuff that is damaging to your underarms. for instance, shaving, waxing is considered to be extremely damaging to your armpit skin. Remember that your armpit skin is sensitive and prone to bacteria as well. Shaving and waxing make the hair tough and darken the skin, causing a lot of irritation. Moreover, hair-removing cream burns your skin and makes it vulnerable to chicken skin and ingrown hair. These methods make your armpit uneven, which disrupts proper cleaning. Therefore, it is now time to switch up that routine and start to think about getting your first armpit laser treatment.