A Beginner’s Guide to Using Mug Presses for Printing

Mug presses are all the rage right now, and there’s plenty of reasons why they’re so popular in today’s society. But the best part about these clever tools? They can be used by anyone! With this beginner’s guide to using mug presses for printing, you can get started with your own set of presses and start getting your designs out there for everyone to see!

What Are Mug Presses?

Heat transfer presses are also known as mug presses. They’re designed for screen printing on small objects like mugs, bowls, and t-shirts. They also have different names depending on what they’re used for—for example, heat transfer presses used in a textile industry are commonly called heat presses. Generally speaking, these machines all use roughly the same procedure.  The product is placed between two heated plates, which transfers an image onto it through pressure and heat.

How Do I Use Them?

Choose a mug press with a good reputation and, ideally, one that has been in business for years. Ensure that there is some sort of warranty or guarantee behind it. Next, you’ll need to know what you’re printing on your mugs; wood, ceramic or plastic are common options. Wood may be less expensive than ceramic and more durable than plastic. However, if your design requires color, then you might want to consider either ceramic or plastic instead. Also keep in mind that some types of presses can only handle certain materials. For example, if you’re using ceramics then make sure your press can handle ceramics!

Where Can I Buy Them?

The best mug printing presses can be purchased at many of your local printing companies, but you may have trouble finding a good option at a reasonable price.  Your best bet is to look online; there are plenty of websites that sell these products, and they often offer free shipping as well. If you’re looking for something more professional or advanced than a basic model, try searching Google using terms like heat press or heat presses along with mug printing or mug press. You should be able to find some great options from reputable sellers with very little effort!

Are they expensive?

Cheap mug presses can run from £150-£300, although you may be able to find cheaper ones online. That’s not cheap, but it’s about what you should expect when buying a large piece of specialized equipment. The good news is that a high-quality press will last you for years, so if you’re going on a group buy with some friends and looking at an even more expensive model, it may still be worth it!

Which products are good for a mug press

Although both dark and light ink products can be used with a mug press, dark inks are generally better. Lighter inks can often lead to smudging or blotching when pressed, which will ruin your design. Darker colours also look better than lighter colours on darker ceramic mugs. Make sure you know if your chosen printing ink is waterproof before using it with a mug press, since many of these presses use steam.